Missouri Online Uncontested Divorce

  WHAT IS IT?  Exactly what it sounds like - your uncontested divorce is handled online.  Questions answered, payments made, information submitted, pleadings reviewed, and final paperwork delivered, all online.  Very fast, very convenient, and accessible anytime.  Please note that the online form requests only the information from you necessary to start the process and to provide a fee.  This preliminary information also provides your uncontested divorce attorney with the information necessary to know exactly what the appropriate follow-up questions to ask are.  In short, the online submission provides the framework and the follow-up questionnaire, streamlined based on your online submission, fills in the missing pieces.

  WHO SHOULD USE IT?  If there are substantial assets or you have uncommon complexities that you think may make an online submission wrong for your situation and should warrant further discussion, please contact me, I'm happy to chat about your concerns.  If you are in doubt whether your uncontested dissolution is of the run-of-the-mill variety or whether aspects of your case should be discussed first, please contact me prior to submitting your information.

  HOW DOES IT WORK?  The online uncontested divorce process couldn't be easier:

  READY TO GO?  Clear 30 minutes from your schedule and proceed to step one of your online uncontested divorce by heading over to my secure online uncontested divorce submission form:


St. Louis Divorce Lawyer Contact Info

. . . that I am very easy to get a hold of through email, text message, or phone call, even on a Saturday?

Yes, it's true.  Clients and prospective clients are welcomed to email, text, or call me at anytime.  You will never be billed for telephone calls or emails, and all messages, electronic or otherwise, are returned within one business day (but usually within minutes or hours).

Missouri divorce services

. . . that although my office is located in St. Louis, I help clients from all areas of Missouri?

My office is located in St. Louis, but I have helped get fast and easy divorces for clients from all corners of Missouri, including Columbia, Cape Girardeau, Rolla, Kirksville, Kansas City, Springfield, and Jefferson City, to name just a few.  No matter what area of Missouri you are from, I can handle your uncontested divorce very quickly and at an affordable rate.

Uncontested Divorce Information

. . . that I have created a fun-to-read, informative uncontested divorce F.A.Q.?

Well, maybe not fun to read, but certainly informative.  My frequently asked questions page provides uncontested divorce information in a simple to follow question & answer format, and is written with casual, easy to understand terminology.