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By: Gerald W. Linnenbringer, Missouri Uncontested Divorce Attorney

I started taking online uncontested divorce submissions in 2013. That year, 75 clients submitted their case and paid their attorney fee through the online system. In 2014, that number increased to about 100, and, in both 2015 and 2016, about 150 clients chose to facilitate their uncontested divorce through my online submission process.

Before you start working on the form yourself, please reflect and consider whether my Missouri Online Uncontested Divorce system is right for you. The online system may not the best option for submitting complex cases, for instance, like those with three or more pieces of real estate, or a couple of businesses, or financial obligations that deserve an explanation better suited for a full page document than a 100 pixel-wide text box. That being said, I've never had an online submission where the client and I, regardless of the particularities of the individual's case, were not able to hash out and fully uncover the details of his or her divorce through fast and consistent contact and feedback.

If either you or your spouse are Missouri residents, and you're in complete agreement as to the particularities of your divorce, then here is you opportunity to get your case moving towards a fast, affordable, and professional resolution. Confirm the agreement with your spouse, complete the secure online submission form, and, in less than sixty days from now, you can be divorced.