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This process was so quick and easy. I was kept informed all along the way in the process and was anxious to get updates so regularly and to find the process was completed expediently. This was the best experience I could have imagined.

- Liz

Gerald was really affordable and very knowledgeable about my case. He did everything as promised and was very prompt when returning emails and phone calls. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing his services.

- Lindsay

Gerald was a pleasure to work with. He only took 34 days to finalize my divorce (of which, 30 days is required by local law). He is very knowledgable and easy to work with!

- Brian

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What is it? An uncontested divorce is a dissolution of marriage case in which both parties are in complete agreement as to every aspect of their divorce, including asset distribution, debt allocation, maintenance, and, if children are involved, custody and support.

What are the benefits? A traditional divorce case can drag on for months, if not years, and can be very expensive. If, however, you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement as to all elements of your divorce, you can use my uncontested divorce service to facilitate your divorce on your terms and in a prompt, professional manner. The reasonable flat-fees I offer provide parties with a financial incentive to reach a fair and amicable resolution to their marriage.

Who should you trust to handle your Missouri uncontested divorce? My name is Gerald and I'm a lawyer in St. Louis. You'll see me all over this site, often in avatar-form, and for good reason, as I created all of the content. You won't see pictures of attorneys sitting in front of fireplaces or hanging out in law libraries, and there won't be any claims of how aggressive I may or may not be. Most importantly, you won't be reading any content created by a third-party, non-attorney web designer. If you want that, there are plenty of other family law websites out there that fit the mold. The focus of my site is to build rapport while discussing the process of uncontested divorce in Missouri, and the benefits of an amicable divorce, directly with you. This one-to-one interaction is much like the representation you will receive, as I personally handle every inquiry from every client and prospective client.

Where do you have to live to use this service? Anywhere in Missouri. If you're a Missouri resident, I can help get you divorced. My office is located in St. Louis, but I've helped clients from across Missouri facilitate their uncontested divorce quickly, affordably, and without ever coming to my office or appearing in court.

How are the fees made so affordable? Many "traditional" divorce lawyers may handle only a few cases at a time. The time demanded of contested cases simply does not allow for a very high volume of cases. I complete hundreds of uncontested divorces each year for residents across Missouri. Over the course of handling nearly 2,000 uncontested divorces since 2008, I have streamlined the process and created efficiencies that allow me to produce high-quality, comprehensive uncontested divorce pleadings, unique and applicable to each individual's specific situation, at an affordable rate. The seamless integration of technology, including email, file-sharing, texting, or whatever may be required by your particular situation, allows for the quick and consistent communication necessary for a systematic, stress-free process.

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My world famous uncontested divorce FAQ provides straight-forward answers to some of the most common questions about divorce in Missouri.

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Gerald W. Linnenbringer, Missouri Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

My name is Gerald Linnenbringer, and I would like to thank you for visiting my webpage dedicated to Missouri uncontested divorce. Since opening my practice in 2008, I have helped over five thousand people navigate through the legal system. I put forth the effort and care to give my clients the most effective representation possible, all while finding time to make awesome graphics for this website.

Gerald Linnenbringer Family Law Missouri Attorney

The most popular service that I offer is the flat-fee uncontested divorce, which I provide to residents across the entire state of Missouri. Since beginning to offer flat-fee uncontested divorces in 2009, the popularity of the service has grown each year. In 2010, I handled 125 uncontested divorces. In 2011, that number jumped to over 200, then to over 300 in 2012. In both 2013 and 2014, I averaged about one uncontested divorce per day. In 2015, I may just officially move into my office. All of these divorces were uncontested, with the parties simply needing an efficient, easy, and affordable way to get their divorce completed correctly by an experienced attorney.

Many attorneys seem to shy away from using technology to help provide legal services, but I try to use it as much as possible. It allows me to communicate quickly with clients and help individuals in farther away locations that would previously made representation much more burdensome. In fact, I have handled uncontested divorces for clients whom I have never seen. Individuals contact me from all over Missouri, including Columbia, Kansas City, and Cape Girardeau, to name a few, for help with their uncontested divorce. I've even had clients hire me from Australia, Europe, and Asia (their spouse lived in Missouri, of course). No matter where the client is from, I take great pride in facilitating their uncontested divorce as easily and quickly as possible. Taking the stress out of the divorce is part of my job, and it is something past clients have shown appreciation for. I have consolidated client reviews (yes, actual real client reviews) from around the internet here on my website.

For the past two years, I have provided clients a safe and secure way to initiate an online uncontested divorce. In the first year that my Missouri online uncontested divorce service was available, 75 uncontested divorces were submitted, reviewed, and paid for entirely online. In the second year, nearly 100 uncontested divorces were handled completely through my online divorce system. I appreciate suggestions from clients who have used the online submission, as I'm constantly working to make the online divorce process better.

If you have had to use the services of an attorney in the past, you know how frustrating it can be to get a hold of them. That's why I make sure to be easy to reach at my office, (314) 238-1219, my cell phone, (636) 236-1488, or through e-mail. I do not use a secretary, paralegal, or associate attorney to handle my cases, or to screen my calls. When you need to reach me, you can, whether through e-mail, text message, or an old-fashioned phone call.

Thank you very much for visiting my webpage. There is an abundance of Missouri divorce information located throughout my site, but please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments that you may have. I hope to hear from you soon.


Saint Louis University School of Law
Juris Doctorate, Concentration in Criminal Litigation
Saint Louis University School of Business
Masters in Business Administration
University of Missouri
BS in Business Administration


State of Missouri
State of Illinois


Madison County, IL State's Attorney's Office
Federal Public Defender's Office
SLU Criminal Defense Legal Clinic
Law clerk, Law Offices of Thomas Green
Law clerk, Law Offices of Patrick Gadell


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My uncontested divorce service requires hard work and a dedication to a positive client experience, but the process itself is simple - if you provide the information, I will provide the result - a clean, professional, and fast uncontested divorce. No delays, no excuses, and no hidden or additional fees. Your calls and emails won't ever be ignored and you'll never wonder what the status of your divorce case is. You'll hear from me each step of the way and I will return your calls and emails, every single time, in a prompt manner.

Real reviews from real clients

Testimonials from past clients, compiled from Google, Yahoo, and Avvo.com.


It's not too difficult to find a knowledgeable lawyer in the St. Louis area, but finding a lawyer that is a genuinely decent person can be a bit more challenging. Gerald Linnenbringer is both knowledgeable and personable. He has made each of my cases more convenient than I thought possible with his ability to communicate via email when needed. I felt that he was on top of my case and appreciated that I was informed each time there was an update. I will continue to recommended him to anyone needing legal assistance.


He is fast, keeps you informed himself personally every little step, is trustworthy, I feel has a good heart, truly helps people, and does his job, thoroughly, fast, and very well. He is an amazing lawyer... I wouldn't use anyone else! Amazing!


Very patient and willing to help. Even considering that I was a little over the top and full of questions, he was very patient and took the time to answer all my questions. Also very good at responding to emails in a timely manner.


Gerald made my divorce very easy. First, his rate for an uncontested divorce was the cheapest in the area, plus there were no hidden fees. This was my first divorce, and I was very nervous about the whole situation, but he made me very comfortable. Two visits to his office, and a 30 day wait, and my divorce was final the next day after our 30 day wait. I would recommend him to ANYONE!


If you can manage to agree on an uncontested divorce with your spouse, Gerald will make the process fast and simple so you can move on with your life. He responds to e-mails quickly and communicates efficiently, making the process much less time consuming than it otherwise would be. In addition, Gerald comes off as likable and easy to work with, which is not always the case with lawyers I've dealt with. Worth every penny.


Gerald helped me with my divorce. I was so scared to file because I didn't know what to expect, but he made it so easy and fast. I would recommend him to anyone and definitely use him again if I ever need to.


I live out of the country and needed to file for divorce in America. Gerald was very responsive and helpful the entire way through. Even with a 6 hour time difference, I did not wait long for a complete detailed response. Everything went through smoothly without much concern to me, he handled it all . It made a stressful situation much easier to get through. I would definitely recommend him if you are hiring a lawyer for a divorce proceeding.
Fast Missouri Divorce Lawyer


I was given this lawyers name from a friend of mine that had used him for an uncontested divorce and I was NEVER disappointed! He kept in contact with me and kept me informed of the entire process! Once I finally got my now ex-husband to sign the papers, it only took a short time until it was final! Hopefully I will never need a divorce lawyer again, but if I do, I will be using him again without hesitation!


Gerald was really affordable and very knowledgeable about my case. He did everything as promised and was very prompt when retuning emails and phone calls. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing his services.


I couldn't have asked for a better attorney. Gerald kept me informed about everything at all times and if I had a quick question or concern he was just a phone call or a text away. He took care of my uncontested divorce while I was overseas and everything happened fast and smooth.


This process was so quick and easy. I was kept informed all along the way in the process and was anxious to get updates so regularly and to find the process was completed expediently. This was the best experience I could have imagined.


Gerald represented me in an uncontested divorce. He was very easy to get ahold of, and very up to date with technology. I loved that he allowed me to communicate with him via text and email, and was always very quick to respond.

Next Up: Uncontested Divorce Checklists
If you are considering proceeding with a flat-fee, uncontested divorce, my "Is Your Divorce Uncontested?" checklists should be required reading. In order for your divorce to be considered uncontested and eligible for flat-fee pricing, you've got to make sure you and your spouse agree on all aspects of your divorce. Here you will find a rundown of what details the parties must agree upon in order to use my uncontested divorce service.

Is your divorce uncontested?

Use my uncontested divorce checklists to determine what portions of your divorce are uncontested, and which parts you still have to work on.

Division of Assets & Debts

Property Division in Uncontested Divorce

In order for your divorce to be uncontested, you and your spouse need to agree on every aspect of your divorce, including who will take what assets, and who will pay what debts. This includes cars, houses, boats, planes, bank accounts, retirement accounts, investments, and anything else you can think of. If you own it or owe it, you will need to have decided which party gets, or pays it.

Maintenance / Spousal Support

Missouri Alimony, Maintenance, Spousal Support Laws

Parties to an uncontested divorce must determine details pertaining to maintenance, otherwise known as alimony or spousal party. The parties must agree to whether maintenance is appropriate at all and, if so, who will pay, how much will be paid, and for how long will the obligation lasts. The court looks at a number of factors when determining whether maintenance is appropriate, which I have outlined in my Missouri Divorce Frequently Asked Questions page.

Child Custody

Missouri Child Custody Laws

Parties to an uncontested divorce must decide on custodial arrangements for their minor children. This involves the parties agreeing which parent will be the residential parent, as well as creating a visitation schedule and holiday plan. The parties' visitation schedule will include the details of the day-to-day custodial plan, including when and where custodial exchanges occur.

Child Support

Missouri Child Support Laws

For your divorce to be considered uncontested, you and your spouse must have an agreement as to the support of the minor children. Who will pay who child support, how much will be paid, and how those payments will be made (directly vs. wage withholding vs. through FSD) must all be decided by the parties in an uncontested divorce. They must also decide which party will take the tax dependency deduction, as well as who will cover the health insurance expense and the day care costs.

The Divorce Lawyer

St. Louis Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

You need to be agreeable as to how involved the divorce attorney will be with your uncontested case. The attorney for an uncontested divorce will not be resolving disagreements the parties get into about who should get the big screen TV or who should be responsible for paying court costs. The divorce lawyer will not be subpoenaing records from banks or employers, nor will the lawyer be searching for hidden accounts or non-disclosed assets. There is absolutely no investigation done by the divorce lawyer and not a single discovery motion will be filed in court. If your spouse has a history of hiding cash in off-shore bank accounts, an uncontested divorce may not be for you.

Missouri Uncontested Divorce Checklists

Next Up: Missouri Uncontested Divorce FAQ
My Missouri Uncontested Divorce FAQ is up next. Here you can find down to earth explanations of how divorce works in Missouri, broken down in a helpful question/answer format. If you're tired of visiting websites for other attorneys and law firms that discuss filing pendente lite motions as if it's a term you should be familiar with, then my dissolution of marriage FAQ is for you.

Class is in session

Written in real-world terminology, not legalese, so you don't leave with more questions than you started with.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Missouri?

How much does an uncontested divorce cost?

You will be responsible for paying an attorney fee, as well as a filing fee. Attorney fees vary depending on whether children are involved and the complexity of your property and debt distribution, but generally fall in the $500 to $1,000 range. The filing fee will usually be $145.

Will I have to go to court?

I have not had an uncontested case require a court appearance in over two years. I appear in court, of course, in order to file the case and then later to finalize it, but a court appearance is almost certainly not required by either spouse.

Will I Need to Appear in Court for Uncontested Divorce
St. Louis Uncontested Divorce

Do I have to live in St. Louis to use this service?

No, you don't even have to live in the United States. In order to file your divorce in Missouri, I need one party - either you or your spouse - to be a resident of the state. Even if your physical location precludes you from visiting my office, that doesn't prevent us from handling your uncontested divorce quickly and professionally through e-mail, mail, and telephone correspondence.

How long does an uncontested divorce take?

Under two months, some as little as 31 days. Most of the time, the longest delays in my cases are due to the client and their spouse. Either waiting for them to review the paperwork I've sent, or waiting for them to sign everything. Once I have everything signed in my office, along with the filing fee, you'll be about 35 days away from being divorced. I have completed quite a few "easy" cases (divorces with no children and no property) in less than 35 days from the date I am hired.

How Long Does a Divorce Take in Missouri?
Divorce Lawyer's Role in an Uncontested Divorce

Lawyer's role in an uncontested divorce?

Simply put, my role in your case is to get you divorced along the terms agreed upon by you and your spouse. I don't help you work those terms out, I don't provide advice as to whether or not your terms are favorable or unfavorable. I will, however, point out when you and your spouse have agreed to something that is impractical or impossible to enforce or live with.

What payment methods do I offer?

Pretty much anything. Checks, money orders, and cash are fine, of course. As for credit/debit cards, I take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Payment can be made in-person, over the phone, or online, through a secure payment link I am able to e-mail you after we've discussed your case and you've received a price quote.

St. Louis Divorce Payment Options
How Long is Missouri's Waiting Period for Divorce and Can it be waived?

How long is Missouri's waiting period?

Missouri's waiting period is thirty days. The waiting period begins when the case is filed, and ends after the mandatory 30 day wait has passed. So if you filed your case on August 1st, for example, the first possible day the final Judgment could be submitted to the Judge would be August 31st.

Should I use do-it-yourself divorce forms?

In the next section, immediately below, you'll see why I think do-it-yourself divorce forms are a bad idea. When such an easy, reliable, and affordable alternative like my uncontested divorce service is available, there simply is no good reason not to have me handle your uncontested divorce.

St. Louis Divorce Forms

You've only scratched the surface of the information provided by my Missouri uncontested divorce F.A.Q.
See the full Missouri Divorce F.A.Q.

Next Up: Divorce Options Showdown
You've got choices when it comes to proceeding with your divorce. In the next section you'll discover how my uncontested divorce service stacks up against a contested divorce case with two divorce lawyers, as well as how it compares to filing your divorce pro se (without an attorney).

Dare to Compare

Linnenbringer Law takes on the divorce competition.

St. Louis Divorce Forms

Do-It-Yourself Divorce Forms

If you take nothing else from your visit to my webpage, please take this: Whether you hire me or some other St. Louis divorce lawyer to handle your case, you are making a good decision when you choose to have an attorney handle your divorce, as opposed to attempting to handle the case yourself with do-it-yourself divorce forms. You can find free or low cost pro se (a party who is unrepresented) divorce forms all over the internet. While these services may look promising, mostly due to the low cost of the forms and the money back guarantee graphics, I can provide a list of clients who tried to facilitate their divorce with internet divorce forms and didn't accomplished anything except wasting their time, money, and effort.

If I have not convinced you that your divorce is better handled by a licensed Missouri divorce attorney, and you insist on proceeding with a pro se divorce, please make sure you download and use the only Missouri-approved pro se divorce forms package. For the sake of our environment, you may consider whether you truly wish to proceed through the divorce process alone prior to printing the 66-pages of divorce forms and instructions. Please also remember that without an attorney handling your divorce, you will be required to file the case in court yourself, and then, once your case is set on a docket, navigate through your uncontested hearing, where certain legal elements must be testified to under oath in order to obtain a judgment for divorce. Filing your case without a divorce lawyer also requires your attendance at a Pro Se Litigant Awareness Class.


St. Louis Divorce Attorneys

Two-Attorney Contested Divorces

Some cases simply cannot proceed as uncontested divorces and will generally result in each party retaining a divorce lawyer. In cases where the parties have minor children, the court may deem it appropriate to appoint a third lawyer, a Guardian Ad Litem, who represents the interests of the parties' children. The costs associated with hiring these lawyers can be quite high. If you do an internet search for "how much does a divorce cost?", you'll see this for yourself. One of the top-listed articles quotes an attorney who claims that she had a client break down in tears after hearing the fees charged by the attorney for divorce representation [source]. A fee that causes a client to start weeping does not seem very reasonable to me, but I must be the odd one out here, as other online resources provide similarly high numbers for the costs associated with a contested divorce. Here are some snippets from around the web: "average cost of divorce in the United States is $15,000" [source] ... "legal fees can easily ramp from $50k to $100k+" [source] ... "costs will range from $25,000 to $50,000 per side" [source] ... "divorce is a $28 billion-a-year industry with an average cost of about $20,000" [source].

Before getting involved in a divorce court battle, consider the fees involved with that type of case, and give some thought as to whether an uncontested divorce could possibly make more fiscal sense for your particular situation. Who knows, it could end up saving you $14,000, give or take.


St. Louis Divorce Lawyer

Uncontested Divorce with Linnenbringer Law

I believe that for many parties, an uncontested divorce through Linnenbringer Law is a smart choice for winding down their marriage. It's not possible for some, as it requires a certain level of trust between spouses and, further, for both of the parties to be fair, reasonable, and level-headed. However, if you and your spouse are able to come to an agreement that both parties are satisfied with, my uncontested divorce service allows for a fast, affordable way to facilitate your divorce with a minimal amount of stress and inconvenience. Short marriage, long marriage, children, no children, it doesn't matter - almost any divorce can be any uncontested divorce.

The appeal of an uncontested divorce through Linnenbringer Law is that your divorce will be professionally handled by a licensed Missouri divorce attorney, in a prompt manner, and at a reasonable flat fee. Within days of providing the information that I need to complete the dissolution paperwork, along with payment of attorney fees, the client will have his or her rough draft pleadings in their inbox, ready for review. The client and their spouse review those pleadings and let me know what agreed-upon revisions are necessary. Upon those revisions being made, generally within 24 hours, the client has updated drafts for review. When there is mutual approval of those updated drafts, the pleadings are ready to sign and file. Once the case is filed, the client and spouse are essentially finished with their part, and I take it from there. If both parties are on the same page, moving promptly, and fully cooperating, a typical client's final divorce pleadings will be on the Judge's desk, ready for review, within six weeks of hiring Linnenbringer Law.

Next Up: Step-by-Step Missouri Uncontested Divorce Guide
I've got the Missouri uncontested divorce process down to a science (if you see this almost exact phrase on a competitor's website, please be aware that it, along with some other language, was taken directly from my site). Since I've started offering my flat-fee divorces, competitors have come and gone, usually thinking that just because a case is uncontested, that it won't require much work (they do).

The Uncontested Divorce Process

Step-by-step rundown of how a Missouri uncontested divorce works when using Linnenbringer Law.

Affordable Missouri Divorce Completed Quickly

1.I need some information.

In order to complete your dissolution paperwork, I need information. Much of the info that I'll need is demographic - names, dates of birth, addresses, etc. In addition, I will need a rundown of your property and debt and, if children are involved, the custody and support arrangements you and your spouse have agreed upon. How do you provide this necessary information? You can provide this information via an online submission, intake packet, or face-to-face consultation. See the next section, Getting Started, for detailed information on how to get your case started.

2.I need some money.

You'll have to pay in order to get your case started. Work does not begin until an agreed-upon payment is made and your representation has commenced. The exact fee will depend on what sort of information you present me with in step one. What kind of payment can be used? Pretty much anything. Cash, money order, check, debit or credit (including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). How can payment be made? Payment can be made over the phone, by mail, through a secure online payment link, or, of course, you're welcomed to stop by my office (by appointment only) to make payment in person.

3.I get to work.

I get moving on uncontested divorce cases very quickly. I start without delay and I work fast, all while remaining focused on the quality of your pleadings. Divorces are often fluid things, capable of changing in an instant. If the paperwork is prepared slowly, that provides more time for things to go wrong. I never want a case that could have proceeded through as a quick and amicable divorce to fall apart due to how long it took for me to prepare your paperwork, so I work hard to complete your paperwork quickly. How long does this step take? Not very long, usually 5 days, give or take.

Fast and Easy Missouri Divorce

4.You get to work.

The client and their spouse review the scanned documents and the client lets me know what agreed-upon additions, corrections, and revisions are necessary in order for the paperwork to accurately reflect the agreement reached between the spouses. The changes required are generally called or e-mailed in to me, but you're welcomed to stop by the office and chat about the changes as well (by appointment only, please). Please note that there are no additional fees or charges for revisions made to your pleadings.How long does this step take? How long it takes the client and their spouse to review the paperwork is not in my control, but I make sure the requested edits are completed very quickly.

5.Feedback, Revisions, Signing.

After review and feedback, I make changes to the drafts. Those changes are based on you and your spouse's agreed-upon revisions and corrections. Once I have completed the revisions, I send updated drafts out for review. Once we have mutually agreeable drafts, we are ready to proceed on to signing. How long does this step take? Not very long at all. Generally once I have the "framework" of your paperwork completed, the subsequent revisions and corrections can be done very quickly. How do we go about signing? Signings can be done in my office or remotely. Signatures will need to be notarized, which I can do here in the office or, if you choose to sign remotely, you'll each need to sign at a bank or some other location that provides notary services.

6.Filing and the mandatory waiting period.

Once I have signed paperwork and a filing fee, it's time to file your case. The faster I get the case filed, the faster the 30 day mandatory waiting period begins, the faster I can finalize your case. That being so, once I have signed documentation and filing fees, I file the case as quickly as possible - always within a couple of days. It takes me about 15 minutes to drive to court, in case you're wondering. Once the case is filed, a mandatory 30 day waiting period begins. How long does this step take? Naturally, 30 days.

Missouri Uncontested Divorce Process

7.Final paperwork is submitted.

At the conclusion of the 30 day waiting period, I appear in court, pull your file, and drop it off with the Judge for review. How long does this step take? This varies from division to division and depends on the Judge's schedule as well. Some Judges get to the dropped off files quicker than others, and some client's files inevitably end up being dropped off during a particularly busy week, or during a trial, which can cause a bit of a delay. On top of that, Judges have lives, go on trips and vacations, and have other judicial responsibilities, such as attending conferences and continuing legal education seminars, which may mean your file won't be as addressed as quickly as you (or I) may like.

8.Divorce is final.

Once the Judge reviews and signs off on everything (assuming he or she approves of the terms you and your spouse have agreed on) the divorce is complete. The date the Judge signs off is the official date of dissolution. How long does this step take? This part varies quite a bit depending on what division your case is randomly assigned to. Generally speaking though, the Judge reviews the case within a few days of it being submitted. It could take another week or so for us to receive the official update that the case has been finalized, depending on the clerk.

9.Post-Divorce Clean-Up.

After the divorce is complete, there are often a few things to wrap up. I am not involved with these things, as my representation is complete once the Judge signs off on your dissolution judgment. You and your spouse will need to carry out the terms of the settlement agreement, including refinancing any loans you have agreed to refinance, and retitling assets you have agreed to retitle. Cash buyouts, if applicable, are paid, and child support and maintenance obligations (again, if applicable) commence. If Wife has requested a name change, she'll use the certified judgment (arrives from the court about a month after the case is final) in order to facilitate the name change with the Social Security Office.

Next Up: Fees & Expenses
The key for my business is high volume and low conflict. These attributes allow me to keep fees for my uncontested divorce representation so affordable. The next section explains just how affordable those fees are, and runs down some other costs that may be associated with your uncontested divorce case.

So how much is it?

Attorney Fees and Court Costs

Five of the eight most common search terms that lead people to my law office's webpage are price related: "cheap divorce lawyer", "affordable uncontested divorce", "how much does a divorce cost in Missouri", and "cheap uncontested divorce." This should come as no surprise, as everyone knows the cost of a product or service is an important factor when making a purchasing decision. Below you will find the costs associated with filing your uncontested divorce case through me. Please remember, every case is different and your case may have specifics that warrant a slight increase in fees. That being said, once you have contacted me regarding your case and you are provided a fee quote, that fee quote does not change - there are no hidden costs or extra fees and certainly never any hourly billing. You'll know exactly how much your uncontested divorce case will cost you when representation begins.

Attorney Fees for Uncontested Cases

Missouri Only

Legal Separation

Without children from $650
With children from $850

Uncontested Divorce

Without children from $650
With children from $850

Motions to Modify

With or without children from $650
Flat Fee Missouri Divorce
Filing Fees / Court Costs

The only court costs incurred in the course of a dissolution of marriage case is the filing fee, paid at the time your case is filed. Filing fees vary from court to court, but generally fall in the $150 ballpark. St. Louis County, for example, requires a $145 filing fee paid when filing a divorce. Filing fees are not paid to me, they'll be paid directly to the court when we are ready to file your case.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)

QDROs are billed with flat fees on a case-by-case basis. Why? The fees I quote for drafting QDROs varies greatly depending on the guidelines and sample forms provided by the financial institute that the retirement account is through. My policy is to take a look at those forms and guidelines so I can provide you with a concrete, accurate flat-fee price quote that will not change. Just as with my other services, you will never be billed hourly for QDRO drafting.

What is a QDRO?

A court order that divides a pension, 401(k), or some other qualified investment/retirement account. Basically, the QDRO orders the plan or account holder to take a spouse's account and divide it, creating an alternate account for the ex-spouse. For example, if one spouse has a 401(k) worth $20,000, and the parties wish to divide in 50/50, a QDRO would allow for the division of the account, creating two accounts worth $10,000, one account for each party. This allows the parties to divide these accounts without withdrawing the actual funds and incurring the penalties and taxes associated with an early withdraw. For more information, see the US Department of Labor's explanation of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders.

Next Up: Getting Started
Enough reading, it's time to get moving. The next section will explain the three options available to you when the time comes to initiate your uncontested divorce with Linnenbringer Law.

It's go time

Your divorce / when you want / how you want
Uncontested divorce by Linnenbringer Law

Starting your uncontested divorce with Linnenbringer Law couldn't be easier.
Review the three options, and go with the one that sounds best for you.

Option #1: Online Missouri Divorce

Online Missouri Divorce

Your uncontested divorce can be started, processed, and completed online with my secure, online uncontested divorce submission system. Submit your information online, pay online, receive your paperwork online, and at the conclusion of your case, receive your divorce decree online. No appointments, no court appearances, no fuss - your divorce, on your schedule.

Who should use it?

My online submission system is best for less complex cases with fewer assets. The system is completely secure, accessible only to you and your attorney. If there are substantial assets or you have uncommon complexities that you think may make an online submission wrong for your situation and should warrant further discussion, please contact me, I'm happy to chat about your concerns. If you are in doubt whether your uncontested dissolution is of the run-of-the-mill variety or whether aspects of your case should be discussed first, please contact me prior to submitting your information.

How does it work?

The online uncontested divorce process couldn't be easier:

  1. Click the below link to access our secure online submission form;
  2. Fill it out, per the instructions given throughout the form;
  3. Your fee will tally up as you move through the form and, if you choose to finalize things at the end of the form, you'll agree to a few terms of representation and pay through a secure payment link;
  4. Upon payment being made, representation has begun. Your online submission will be reviewed and you will be sent a follow-up email with any questions I may have after I've looked over your submission. Upon receiving this supplemental information, the drafting of your paperwork begins immediately;
  5. Once your paperwork is drafted (will generally take just a few days from receiving all the necessary information from you), rough drafts of your Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan (if children are involved) will be delivered to you via e-mail so you and your spouse can take your time to carefully review everything;
  6. After review, you e-mail or call your attorney with the necessary revisions, if any. Those revisions are made very quickly and new drafts are e-mailed out to you;
  7. Once we have drafts that are acceptable to both parties, we proceed to signing, filing, and getting your case done as quickly as possible.

Option #2: Face-to-Face

Meet with St. Louis Divorce Lawyer

I'm always happy to meet with clients to discuss their uncontested divorce, answer questions, and begin moving towards a quick & amicable divorce. After a face-to-face meeting at my office, I'll have all the information needed to prepare your uncontested divorce paperwork. Even when initiating your uncontested divorce with a face-to-face appointment, I still request that the client bring in a completed intake packet.

Who should use it?

Individuals that are less comfortable with handling aspects of their case online and simply prefer an old fashioned face-to-face interview process. Clients with complex property divisions, large estates, or any other uncommon situation should generally try to initiate the case in-person. I find that, especially for uncontested divorce cases that involve a few more moving parts, nothing really beats a face-to-face interview when it comes to ensuring a mutual understanding between client and attorney.

How does it work?

I think most people know how an appointment works, but just to clarify, your uncontested divorce, when starting with a face-to-face interview, will proceed like this:

  1. Contact me by phone, text message, or e-mail, and let me know your name, and what dates/times work best for a face-to-face appointment;
  2. After we've worked out a time that works for both of us, you will, naturally, show up for the appointment, where you will provide the attorney will a rundown of your case (and hopefully a completed intake packet) and get any questions you may have answered;
  3. After hearing a rundown of your case, I will provide a price quote. Representation will begin when payment of that fee is made;
  4. Drafting of your paperwork begins immediately;
  5. Once your paperwork is drafted (generally takes 3 to 5 days (or less), depending on complexity of case), rough drafts of your settlement documents will be delivered to you via e-mail so you and your spouse can take your time to carefully review everything;
  6. After review, you'll e-mail or call me with the necessary revisions, if any. Those revisions are made very quickly and new drafts are e-mailed out to you. Once we have drafts that are acceptable to both parties, we proceed to signing, filing, and getting your case done as quickly as possible.

Call or email me to setup your face-to-face appointment

Option #3: Half & Half

Complete Your Uncontested Divorce Online

A little more online than a face-to-face start and a little less online than the completely online process. Here you can download my intake packet, which asks for all the information needed to facilitate your uncontested divorce. My intake packet is simply a questionnaire I have written up that is easy-to-follow and quick-to-complete. Once you've finished the intake packet, send it in to me via email, fax, or mail. From there, you'll receive a price quote via email (or phone call, if preferred). Once you're ready to go, you can pay online, over the phone, through the mail, or at my office.

Who should use it?

Any client who doesn't feel the need to have a face-to-face consultation to start off their uncontested divorce case but doesn't want to submit their uncontested divorce online. For these clients I offer the remote intake packet start. The convenience of e-mail and phone representation and the simplicity of a typed or handwritten client intake, as opposed to online, makes this an attractive option for clients with cases of all complexity levels who simply don't want or feel the need to initiate their case with a face-to-face meeting.

How does it work?

The intake packet itself contains detailed instructions, but generally, the steps of completing your uncontested divorce through this method is as follows:

  1. Download a client intake packet;
  2. Print out and complete the intake packet by hand or use an editor (text or pdf, depending on the file type you choose) to fill the form in directly;
  3. Once the intake packet is completed, send it via mail, e-mail, or fax to me;
  4. Within 24 hours (and usually much quicker), I will review your intake packet and contact you with a price quote;
  5. If the price quote is acceptable to you, and you're ready to proceed, you then contact me, sign a representation agreement, and make payment. Payment can be done online, over the phone, through the mail, or you're welcomed to stop by my office. once payment is made, representation has begun and the drafting of your paperwork begins immediately;
  6. Once your paperwork is drafted (generally takes 5 days or less, depending on complexity of case), rough drafts of your Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan (if children are involved) will be delivered to you via e-mail so you and your spouse can take your time to carefully review everything in the comfort of your own home;
  7. After review, you e-mail or call me with the necessary revisions, if any. Those revisions are made very quickly and new drafts are e-mailed out to you. Once we have drafts that are acceptable to both parties, we proceed to signing, filing, and getting your case completed as quickly as possible.

Intake Packet Download

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